Blue Spruce Crafts

In June of 2018, Sylvan and his brother Johnny were cleaning up the lumber shed and again came upon a growing pile of lumber there seemed to be no use for. Thinking about his family’s desperate financial need, an idea hit them: a barrel. And the rest is history. Today, Blue Spruce Crafts distributes tens of thousands of decorative barrels as well as many other home-designed products throughout the year.

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Interior Expressions

Interior Expressions has been hand crafting wood furniture since 1997. Their Simply Ours brand is dedicated to creating bold, practical and timeless furniture that communicates your sense of style and purpose. They have shifted to poplar wood to allow for more creative finishes which resist bleed-through of knots and grain.

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Urban Southern

As a third-generation leather worker, Daniel’s core focus for Urban Southern is providing our customers with the highest quality leather products – designed to last you a lifetime.

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