Urban Southern

As a third-generation leather worker, Daniel’s core focus for Urban Southern is providing our customers with the highest quality leather products – designed to last you a lifetime.

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Panorama Crafts

As new owners of Panorama Crafts, the entire Lapp family is excited to make crafts in their home. Panorama specializes in hand-made, unique crafts, painted pine candle boxes, old wooden candle boxes, tobacco lath ladders of various sizes, tobacco lath mirrors - all decorated with unique signs, berries, stars, candles, lanterns & more.

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Lapps Toys

From play kitchens to doll furniture, train sets & wooden car rollers, our toys are built to withstand the wear of childhood and inspire creative play. Lapp’s Toys is a second generation toy manufacturing company located in the heart of Lancaster’s farmlands. Our toys are in stock, ready for pick-up or we can drop ship to your customer.

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